Welcome to Lutheran Church Times

Welcome to Lutheran Church Times

Luthersk Kirketidende (Lutheran Church Times) is, since 1863, the oldest and by far largest Norwegian magazine for lutheran pastors. It published 22 times per year, giving editorial comments from a theological view on actual church and society issues, debates on theological and ecclesiastical questions, reviews on Sundays' Bible texts, book reviews etc.

Published exclusively in Norwegian, Luthersk Kirketidende has even a substantial number of foreign subscribers, as well as a majority of the pastors of The Church of Norway and the Norwegian lutheran free churches.

You are welcome to contact us in English by e-mail.

From abroad, please pay subscriptions to:

Sparebanken Pluss

Postboks 200




IBAN: NO6730001473669



Single copies # 1/2006 and newer may be obtained as pdf by clicking here.

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